Meeting the Needs of Families of the Incarcerated

 Visitation: If a friend, family member, or other loved one is currently incarcerated at an Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) facility, please use the links below to learn more about IDOC and federal visitation policies.

Illinois Department of Corrections Visitation Policies and Procedures

Federal Bureau of Prisons Website

Local Jail Visitation Links

If you are a family member or friend of a person incarcerated in a state prison, your life has changed in many ways. Some call this “doing time outside". Whatever you may call it, this time can be painful and difficult for you. You may have lost the family who cared for your children. Relatives and friends may act differently, while others may act as if you are the criminal. Lutheran Social Services of Illinois has created a Guide for Families of the Arrested and Incarcerated and the Families Deal with Prison in Illinois Guide. Also included is a Prison Transit Services document, which provides visitors with information about transportation to and from IDOC facilities.

If you are a parent that has been arrested you do not need to lose all of your rights regarding your children. Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (Claim) has just released a new booklet: When a Parent is Arrested: Caring for the Children: A guide to Legal Options and Resources