Issues Involved with Sex Offender Re-Entry


A person labeled as a sex offender has many additional challenges in successfully reintegrating back into society. Public policy and legislation has led to many additional restrictions in housing and employment based on public fear and often not supported by research. The sex offender registry, while potentially a useful tool, is overly broad and includes a large number of people for whom provide society little risk. This has resulted nationally in resources devoted disproportionately to an entire class of individuals when targeted resources might be more effective in promoting safe more effective outcomes for this group. For more information and discussion about this subject, one can read this report from the California Sex Offender Management Board While it contains California specific information, it also contains a concise overview of national statistics (pg 38) and information about research, national policy issues, and housing.

1. For Illinois specific information, you can go to the Illinois Sex Offenders Management Board

2. You may also go to the national Center on Sex Offender Management Board

3. For a web site devoted to changing laws affecting sex offenders, go to the Sex Offender Issues Blog

4. The Federal Government has recently set up a central registry called the SMART site.

5. Here is a list of resources for those interested in this subject published by John Jay University.