Getting Housing


There can be no return to the community without some place to stay. Persons leaving the prison or jail need a place to stay that is affordable, safe, and with sufficient supports to make a successful transition into the community.


Barriers to successful housing may include criminal justice restrictions, lack of income, lack of support services, and an ability to establish a person's identity and an appropriate rental history for approval. There are additional barriers for those trying to use public housing or section 8.


Landlords have found reviewing rental history to be a valuable way to protect their property and is popular with the general public. If you are given a chance to get housing, it is important for those still in institutions to have you be successful. You are a part of proving the potential of housing people and giving them a chance instead of reincarcerating people.


When looking for housing, use your informal network to help you find housing. Pay attention to support services to help you be successful. Be truthful on your application. Be aware that Landlords can discriminate against your criminal background. Your job is to lessen your community's fears by showing ways you are going to address their fears and prove they should allow you a chance.


Here are some sites to help you find housing:

  1. City of Chicago Affordable Housing
  2. ILHousingSearch.ORG 
  3. Metropolitan Area Only)